Mark Ridgwell

This is a collection of emails sent to the ever growing group of friends and family that wanted to know his progress after his cancer diagnosis on February 8th 2018.

Thankyou to all of you for your support. There’s no rehearsal for this.

The Shoal at Seaford at sunset

February 8th 2018 Mark start of the journey

February 19th The cocktail hour

February 22nd A garage of spirits

February 25th Kittiwakes return

February 26th Chips

Friday fish and chips and Mark’s special diet of milk thistle.

February 28th What’s in a name

February 28th The elephant in the room

March 2nd Battle of the banks

March 3rd AA stands for

March 4th Reading the clouds and airbnb 

March 6th Blue Badge Award

We’ve got a special badge to park our car, and today the oncologist has planned the next stage.

7th March An Away Day

March 11th Acupuncture and more

March 13th Chemo Cancelled

Philip Carr Gomm

Mark’s Photos

15th March Second chemo underway

March 16th Tic followed toc

March 21st Mark’s Title – Fun Jenny’s title 2 sides of a coin

1 hour left to live – ideas from the group

Fabulous ideas from the email group – add your own