The first chapter

This chapter describes my first days teaching in the new secondary school, with no help and plenty of busy classes of boys and girls who all wanted to cook.

To download it click the link – I taught them to cook aug 9

2 responses to “The first chapter

  1. jennyridgwell

    Thankyou Jane for this posting. Which school in Northamptonshire did you teach at?
    I was forbidden from taking Domestic Science when I attended Northampton High School in the 60s – my head mistress said ‘You’ll never get any work or go to university if you take that subject.’ I took it anyway and she was wrong – there is always work for people that know about food!
    Do you still have any of your textbooks or even exam papers? I look at the questions set them and they seem much more difficult than those beng set now.
    Magueritte Patten was my bible when I was learning – some of the books that I had to teach from were just plain daft!
    Thanks again and would love to hear more. Jenny


  2. Jane

    This is truly evocative of the times.
    I took my Food and Nutrition A level in 1974 and started teaching Home Economics at my first school in Northants in 1978
    We had no technician and I remember my half term going through the pan cupboard and doing a lot of washing up.

    I think you mean to say decorating the brandy snaps when you say horns in the Governors tea section.

    Also did we really have equal quantities of sugar and marg for the apple crumble?

    For O level; we had cookery for schools and O level Cookery ? and maybe the Essex book of something or another. We made mock scotch eggs and I’d love to track that recipe down. For A level Cooking Explained was the bible and Advanced cooking is fun for added practical delights

    I remember for O level making a boned breast of lamb which my mother ceremoniously gave to a neighbour as we “wouldn’t eat fatty stuff like that” my soused herrings were given away too :( We couldn’t waste stuff.

    My own reminiscing is of teaching practices in the 70s as i only taught a few classes for food.


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