Cookery lessons in 1970s

Stories of my cookery lessons at an east London comprehensive school in the 1970s.

Why write this story?

The Cheese tasting
The governors tea
My grandmother’s cooking
Rock cakes
Invalid cookery
Rough puff pastry
Vegetarian cookery
Awful offal
Angel delight
Trip to the butchers
Cookery for Schools
The picnic
Silly fussy salad
Pickled onions and chutney
What’s in a name
Pink nylon overalls
Black leg
Christmas cakes
Peppermint creams
Rhubarb rhubarb
Spag bog
Mock exams
Practical exam
How to gut a fish
Gas board cometh
Macaroni cheese
My first bread lesson
Going metric 1970
The cane
Prawn cocktail
Little Nipper
Boys don’t do cookery
The slop pot
The breakup
How mucky is it?
The day my hair caught fire
School dinners
The school flat
Discipline matters
A fancy dinner party
Apple crumble
Use of leftovers

Teacher cooks school dinners 1940s.
Salad cream
Swiss Roll
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