A million copies sold, and more to share

I’m Jenny Ridgwell, an author of over 70 books about food. Most are textbooks for schools – part of a secret world of food writing, not lauded in newspapers and magazines, or shown in bestseller lists, but I’ve sold over 1 million copies so somebody out there must have read them!

I Taught Them To Cook is a memoir of my teaching in a London comprehensive in the 1970s which led me to write my first book Finding Out About Food in 1980 which became a really popular food textbook. 

Finding Out About Food is one of Jenny’s bestselling books, with over 120,000 copies printed since first publication

I taught cookery in London schools for twenty years, then I set up Ridgwell Press to publish textbooks and train food teachers around the country.

My online Nutrition Program is used by thousands of students around the world to analyse recipes, diets and meals. Food producers and food writers use it too.

Now it’s time to semi retire and focus on the subject I love best – food.