My book with pictures

Dave Smith has done some wonderful drawings that have gone into the hardback edition of I taught them to cook.

You can see the images by clicking this link

Food teachers have told me which are their favourite images in the book.

These are their choices and the images.

Simon – ‘No help in the Practical exam’ It reminds me of running so many catering exams with half classes of 12 students making 3 dishes each in 3hrs! I felt like a fireman on standby, a paramedic waiting for his first patient and a counsellor consoling students in tears when their gateaux came out as flat as a pancake and would double up as a spare tyre for a Go-cart. Such Fun!!!
Sara – This reminds of not only me and my best friend in school when we did A level food but so much of many of the girls I’ve taught over the years.
Liza – It’s got to be Angel Delight!!! A favourite in my house and for me growing up. Elizabeth – Angel Delight is my favourite – it takes my straight back to my teenage years and I can almost taste the butterscotch.
Manda – I’ve had a really tough half term and this is exactly how I’ve felt for most of it! I loved your book! I found it inspiring. I read it over the summer and it gave me great motivation to persevere with the new phase in my teaching career. Andrea – Having had no practicals last year I am truly exhausted each night after running round all day doing back to back practicals!
Heather ‘We want to cook – not do theory!’ is my favourite image in your book and made me laugh as it sums up what kids are like most of the time in the classroom when you tell them they are doing theory. So many people have the impression that ‘Home Economics’ is easy and you just do cooking (my biggest bug bare when people say this) so they think it is ideal for those who are not academic, whereas we actually do as much theory as practical and you end up with pupils looking like the person in the picture.
Adele – ‘A mouse watching me cook’ A couple of years ago school had all of the heating pipes & radiators replaced . They left holes in walls where they shouldn’t have been. We got some new pets in the form of mice.
Bea – Liked the mouse story and said ‘I wonder how many circles we have gone around and how many things we are starting to do that you used to and then went out of fashion!!!
Becky I love the drawing of the mini. I just adore them – I’ve got one now.